Bethany, Oklahoma, is a city within Oklahoma County, forming part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Officially founded in 1909 by followers of the Church of the Nazarene, Bethany has developed into a community with a population of 20,831 as of the 2020 census. The city is known for its strong community spirit and close ties to the religious community, which have shaped its development and culture over the years.

The city has a history of educational commitment, being home to Southern Nazarene University, which contributes significantly to the local culture and economy. Bethany also emphasizes community activities, including an annual bluegrass music festival, that foster a strong sense of belonging and cultural enrichment among residents.


Geographically, Bethany is located at 35.5181° N, 97.6323° W, primarily lying on a flat, open plain typical of the region. This provides the area with expansive landscapes and contributes to the city’s sprawling suburban layout. The geography facilitates various outdoor activities that are popular among the local populace, including festivals and community gatherings.

Bethany spans an area of approximately 5.2 square miles, all land, which is characteristic of many suburban communities in central Oklahoma. This layout supports residential and commercial growth, making Bethany a well-integrated part of the greater Oklahoma City area.


As of the latest census in 2020, Bethany has experienced a 9.3% population increase since 2010, highlighting its appeal as a growing suburban area. The city's population is diverse, with a significant percentage of residents involved in educational and religious institutions.

The demographic profile of Bethany includes a mix of young families, college students, and older adults, creating a dynamic and varied community atmosphere. The city's median household income and property values reflect an economically stable environment conducive to family life and professional development.

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